What’s Up With All These Earthquakes?

We need to change our State Motto to, “Oklahoma, State of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”  Our new state song could be “I’m All Shook Up”, or maybe, “Boom, Shaka laka laka.”

It’s just those pesky earthquakes.

Sunday night I was hanging out on Facebook when a school bus ran into my house, or so I thought.  Actually it was another quake centered less than a mile away.  I posted about it, and my Facebook page lit up with replies.  It was the exclusive buzz of the evening.

What is it about Facebook—the tribal council— and our need to splash stuff on the billboard of the universe?

I look for the deeper meanings behind our actions.

Why are all these people—me included—obsessing over a 2-second tremor?  Because earthquakes are unpredictable, you never know if the next one is going to be the Big One. The only way you can get away from them is to have ESP and your very own plane.

Earthquakes are scary to Oklahomans because we’re not used to them.  They shake the foundations of our confidence and the belief that we live in a safe, predicable world.

Shatter this belief and you have trauma; the conviction that you, or a loved one, is in mortal danger.  When traumatized, we need to make sense of the experience. We do that by talking, or in the digital age, by connecting with each other on Facebook.

This need to write about the trials, tribulations, and tremors of life, speaks to a deeper need.  We need to connect with other human beings. Facebook gets us in the ball park. But it’s no home run.

The noisy state of affairs in our State reminds us of our very deep and basic need we have to connect to each other, to assure ourselves we aren’t alone on the sometimes shaky journey of life.

What’s up with those pesky earthquakes?  They remind us that life is short, and being connected with others is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Funny thing, how pesky interruptions can show us what is really important in life.


About Tim

I am a corporate speaker and author of “Powerful Listening. Powerful Influence.” I help people unleash their untapped potential to succeed at leadership, communication, professional development by helping them understand how to get along and share their toys in the workplace. Learn more about me at encorelifeskills.com

2 responses to “What’s Up With All These Earthquakes?”

  1. Jennifer says :

    So true. It’s not that any one that we’ve had has been anything more than a novelty, but it does shake the foundations. Literally and figuratively

  2. Tim says :

    It certainly shook me up. It’s Wednesday and I’m still jumpy every time something goes “Bump” in the night, or day

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